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Jewish Wedding Gifts Emporium

Notice: the price of gold, silver and gemstones fluctuates! We CAN NOT guarantee the price of any gold, silver or gemstone item listed on this site. Prices may not be the same as listed here. Please check at the link for the current price.

Jewish Wedding Gift Books

Interlinear Psalms


Illuminated Hallel


Illuminated Pirkei Avos


Ohel Sarah Woman's Siddur


Song of the Universe


Illuminated Psalms


Ohel Sarah
Leather Pocket Siddur


Artscroll Keepsake Bible


Artscroll Stone Edition
Full-size Family Bible


Family Sabbath Hymns

$31.44/set of 8

Weekly Midrash
Ze'ena Ure'ena Set


Holiday Prayer Book
Leather-bound Set


Holiday Prayer Book Set


High Holiday Prayer Set


Leather High Holiday Set


Heirloom Leather Hallel


Illuminated Mishkan


Abecassis Illuminated Psalms


Silver/Leather Psalms


Hebrew/English Siddur


Hebrew/English Illuminated Bible


The Book of Blessings


Matan Arts
Illuminated Chumash


Book of Our Heritage


Woman's Guide to
Laws of Niddah


Made in Heaven:
Jewish Wedding Guide


The Wedding


Ohel Aryeh: Marriage Laws and Customs


Creating the Wedding
of Your Dreams


Eternal Joy
Engagement & Marriage


Jewish Wedding Guide


Still Waters Run Deep
Mikvah: The Mystical Key


Shalom Bayis, and


Kosher by Design


Quick & Kosher


Spice & Spirit
Kosher Cookbook


I Will Wake the Dawn
Illuminated Psalms


Song of Songs


Family Album


Ketubot from the Jewish Museum


The Simchah Handbook


7 Blessings: Our Jewish Wedding Book


Ketubah Art


Luminous Art


19th Century Artists


Love Letters: Art
of the Ketubah


The Illustrated Torah


Le Tabernacle