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Shavuot (Pentecost)

May 29-30, 2020

Lag Ba'Omer


Book of Ruth


Shavuos: Its Observance, Laws and Significance


Pirkei Avos


The Ten Commandments


Spiritual Guide to
Counting the Omer


Illuminated Book of Ruth


Akdamus Millin


Mother of Kings


Tikkun Lail Shavuot


Torah Anthology
Book of Ruth


Tikkun Lail Shavuot (Chabad)


Harvest of Majesty


Shavuos Secrets


Every Person's Guide to Shavuos


A Gift for Yom Tov


Let My Nation Serve Me


Complete Story of Shavuot


The Dairy Gourmet


Perfectly Pareve


Olive Trees & Honey


Shavuot Prayer Book Ashkenaz


Shavuot Prayer Book Sefard


Artscroll 5 Megillot


Holiday Prayer Book Set


Matan Arts
Illuminated Chumash


Illuminated Hallel