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Sterling Silver Treasures

The dazzling silver products displayed here, gifted in honor of a bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, birth of a child, or other life cycle event, are sure to become cherished and priceless family heirlooms for generations to come.

Please note: The price of silver fluctuates! Prices quoted here may change at the vendor site.

Havdalah Spice Boxes and Candle Holders

Variante Havdalah Candle


Variante Spice Tower


Flower Spice Tower


London Havdalah Set

Spice Holder: $218.05
Candle Holder: 173.85

Grapes Havdalah Set


Neoclassic Set


Chentarosa Set


Hazorfim Spice Tower


Hazorfim Candle Holder


Flowers Candle Holder


Grapes Spice Tower


Grapes Candle Holder


"Eynaim" Spice Box


"Buot" Spice Box


"Daisies" Spice Box


"Eynaim" Candle Holder


"Buot" Candle Holder


"Daisies" Candle Holder


Jerusalem Spice Box


Flowers Spice Box


"Borey" Spice Box


Jerusalem Candle Holder


Flowers Candle Holder


"Borey" Candle Holder


Windmill Spice Box


Coffee Grinder Spice Box


Xylophone Spice Box


Lute Spice Box


Harp Spice Box


Sailboat Spice Box


Cottage Spice Box


Guitar Spice Box


Piano Spice Box