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Jewish Wedding Gifts Emporium

Notice: the price of gold, silver and gemstones fluctuates! We CAN NOT guarantee the price of any gold, silver or gemstone item listed on this site. Prices may not be the same as listed here. Please check at the link for the current price.

Wedding Keepsake Kiddush Goblets

Yair Emanuel Wedding Goblet


Chuppah Keepsake Cup


Spode Wedding Cup


Ceramic Wedding Goblets


Heart-shaped Split Goblets


Wedding Scenes
Kiddush Goblet


Bridal Kiddush Goblet


Bridal Goblet & Candlesticks


Tree of Life Goblet


Woven Copper
Kiddush Goblet


Heart Wedding
Kiddush Goblet


Bridal Collection
Kiddush Goblet


Jerusalem Scenes
Wedding Goblet


Jerusalem Ani L'Dodi
Wedding Goblet


Meridian Custom
Wedding Glass Cup


Bride & Groom Ceramic Cup


Bride & Groom "Ahava" Goblets


"Ani L'Dodi" Crystal Wedding Flutes


Spiral Custom
Wedding Goblet


Shardz Custom
Wedding Goblet


Delicata Custom
Wedding Goblet


Pink Grapevine Goblet


Blue Jerusalem Goblet


Pink Crystal Wedding Goblet


Quest Gold Wedding Goblet


Quest Silver Wedding Goblet


Sterling Silver Wedding Goblet


Sterling Silver & Stone
Kiddush Goblet


Bride & Groom Sterling Silver
Kiddush Cup


"Sheva Brachos"
Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup


Bride & Groom Sterling Silver Wedding Goblet


Sterling Silver
Personalized Wedding Cup


Sterling Silver
Chuppah Kiddush Cup