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Personalized Hebrew Name Jewelry

Perfect gift for Bat Mitzvah!

Silver Kotel Pendant


Charm Necklace


Hebrew Letter Beads

Silver Hebrew Name w/heart


Silver Hebrew Name Cursive


Silver Hebrew Name Block letters


Silver Name Necklace


Silver Name w/Underline


Vertical Silver Name


Silver Hebrew Name Bracelet


Silver Name Ring Kotel


Kotel Silver Name Ring


Silver Bow Name Ring

Rachel's Tomb Silver Name Ring


Silver Name Bracelet


Name Necklace w/Eilat Stone


Name Necklace w/Silver & Gold


Name Necklace w/Garnet


Name Necklace w/Gold Beads


Name Necklace w/Beads


Name Necklace w/Pearls


14K Hebrew Name Necklace


14K Cursive Hebrew Necklace


14K English Name Necklace


14K Gold Name Necklace


14K Gold Name Necklace


14K Name Pendant


14K Hebrew Name w/heart


14K Arch Name Pendant


14K Hebrew White Gold Cursive


Flower Name Pendant


14K Hebrew Name


14K Kotel Name Pendant


Hebrew ID Bracelet


14K Hebrew & English
Name Pendant


14K Gold Name Cartouche


Hebrew ID Bracelet


Star Name Pendant


Hebrew or English
14K Name Necklace


14K Florentine Name Ring


14K Name Necklace w/Diamond


14K Kotel Name Pendant


Diamond-set name Pendant

$295.00/each letter

Silver Bangle w/Gold Letters


14K Gold Name Necklace