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Historical Jewelry from the Israel Museum

Star "Zion"
Palestine, 1800's


Persian Amulet
19th Century


Seal of Ma'adana
7th Century BC


Machpelah Amulet
19th Century


Melquarth Coin,
1st Century BC


Persian Childbirth Amulet, 1800's


Silver Lions & Tablets


Magic Square Amulet


3 Pomegranates Pendant


Amulet, 1800's


Moroccan Amulet


Ten Commandments
Persia, 1900's


Qumran Psalms


Buchara Pendant,


"Shema" Amulet
6th Century


Abishag Necklace
8th Century


Roman Glass Pendant
9th Century BC


Palmette Necklace
9th Century BC


Hallelujah Brooch


Priestly Blessing
Ketef Hinom, 700 B.C.


Persian Childbirth Amulet, 1700's


Shalom Necklace
7th Century BC


Roman Legion Pendant
1st Century


Menorah Necklace
6th Century

Roman Glass Brooch


Menorah Amulet


Byzantine Pendant


Qumran Sundial Pendant


Silver & Glass Oil Lamp Pendant


"Hallelujah" Pendant
7th Century BC


Gold "Halllelujah" Pendant


Gold Over Silver
Jerusalem Pendant


Gold Over Silver
Shalom Pendant