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Bat Mitzvah Prayerbooks, Scripture, Judaica

Chabad Siddur Full Size


Artscroll Siddur Full Size


Ohel Sarah Woman's Siddur


Silver Cover Siddur


Siddur Sim Shalom


Gates of Prayer


On the Doorposts of Your House (Reform)


Likrat Shabbat (Conservative)


Ivory Leather Tehillim


Pink Leather Chitas


Blue Leather Tehillim


Aneni Tehillim


Illuminated Tehillim


Silver/Leather Psalms


Hebrew/English Illuminated Bible


Hebrew/English Siddur


Illuminated Pirkei Avos


Interlinear Psalms


Bat Mitzvah Treasury


Code of Jewish Law


Artscroll Keepsake Tanakh

The Midrash Says

$19.75 each volume
$90.00 full set

Interlinear Holiday Machzor


Saperstein Chumash w/Rashi


Weekly Midrash Ze'ena Ure'ena


5-volume Holiday Machzor Set


High Holiday Machzor Set


Gutnick Chumash w/
Rebbe's Commentary


Around Sarah's Table


Lessons in Tanya


Touching the Stones
of our Heritage


Ein Yaakov:
Ethics of the Talmud




Her Works Praise Her


No Greater Treasure


Great Jewish Women


Women's Torah Commentary


Five Books of Miriam


Women in the Talmud


Holy Woman: The Story of
Rebbetzin Chaya Sara Kramer


She Shall Be Praised:
The Faith and Courage of Extraordinary Women


A Mother in Israel: Memoirs of Rebbetzin Chana Schneersohn